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Featured Poem of the Week: “I Am More, I Am Me” by Angela Phillips

29 Jan

black woman painting

I was told to become who I was not

I was labeled outside of my name and then I forgot

I forgot who I was when I saw the images

Images portrayed of me that did not represent me

Yet these images were what they expected of me

Just because as far as their eyes could see, these women were the same color as me

Represent me? In what way do you mean?

I am more than just a body that they say is only good for sex

I am more than just a hair style that they say is fake

I am more than my nails that they say the Koreans made

I am more than just my eyes, I have a vision to see that in me lies the ability to be more than just a
drama queen

I am more than just my mouth that they say keeps me from getting a good black man

In my mouth speaks wisdom and truth that those who seek wisdom and truth can understand

I am more than just my legs they weren’t meant to only spread but to be a connector to my hips, my
ankles and my feet so I can walk out my God given destiny with integrity so please

Open your eyes to see past the culturally conditioned society

I am more than what they said I could never be

You see I already existed and there are many more like me

It’s not hard to find me if you are willing to see past the images they only want you to see

Open your eyes and see

I am more, I am me


Angela Phillips, Maryland


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