Featured Poem of the Week: “Words” by Barbara J

9 Jun

pen and paper

Not a tone of uncertainty
or a sting of calamity
or a shriek of ambiguity
lives to dispel the makeup of words
No endangered emotion
exists in our language of devotion
as if to deny the completion
of unrehearsed patterns of words
Sometimes stable, but quite often disheveled
spurs of unexpected moments gather
in alignment to provoke and condone
a rebirth of unknowns
or a hindrance to our own
kinds of things as these words
A build-up for a breakdown
and most favored when upside down
Gifts of life, thoughts of wonder–
all an exchange for our heart’s exposure
To receive, to grieve, to laugh
controlled by memories and lost by the untapped
Words imply, they deny, they revive
Yet I relish every syllable like short breaths of air
As they move in rhythmic shapes and sounds
Some distant, others near
Words, like simplicity or complex consumed in time
yet never unlearned even as we discover
that sticks and stones are fine and dandy
but words are tools that come in handy


About the author:

My name is Barbara J from Miami, FL, now living in Los Angeles. I’m a performer and writer of three books of poetry, and host of Fearless Fridays Open Mic in Echo Park.


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