Featured Poem of the Week: “Full of Love” by Louvenia Haliburton

18 Feb

full of love

This is dedicated to my baby….
That’s what I am, blessed and full of love
When I found out about you, my baby girl
I was so happy
I was so ready for you to come into this world and bless me with your presence
I was full of love and ready to pour it all unto you
My belly started to grow and everyday my imagination would wonder
Wonder about how you would look, wonder about how you would act
Wondering how much of a blessing you would be into my world
One day, I learned that you was snatched away from me
At the exact moment, I didn’t feel blessed
Didn’t feel full of love anymore
Every year on your birthday is another year that you are not in my arms
Another day I cant you smile, another day I cant hear your laughter around the house
It took me a while to get enough strength to put you down on paper
But baby girl, losing you made me realize how blessed and full of love I really am
One day, you will see me and I will see you
From my heart to yours, mommy loves you!
~Blessed & Full of Love~


Louvenia Haliburton, Southfield, Michigan


About the Author: 

“This poem is called ‘Full of Love,’ and it’s about the baby girl I lost in August of 2009. I finally got through the pain and finally came to grips that I lost her.”

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2 Responses to “Featured Poem of the Week: “Full of Love” by Louvenia Haliburton”

  1. pernetta dowling at 3:01 am #

    Touching! Loved it!

  2. justjabari at 3:09 am #

    wow…amazingly heartfelt. What courage by the artist. Love it

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