Featured Poem of the Week: “Take It Slow” by Jason Lamorris

11 Feb


All around the world
drifting off in deep dreams,
so many of us kids,
wake up to 18,

or what ever the age
that declares us grown,
and our first decision,
doesn’t take that long,

cause immediately
in our minds
we think about
what we should do,
And the club comes to mind,
and that’s what
we have to pursue,

But not just to go out,
Party, and have fun,
we’re convinced
to have a drink,
and sometimes more than one,

but why does it always
have to be like this?,
why can’t we all
play it safe?,
and let the drink be missed?

And some of us even
go farther
than the drink itself,
we even try
to get laid,
Until we lose our breath,

But that comes
from the plan
as soon as
we wake up,
cause our plan
is to drink,
and get ourselves
messed up,

We wake up
with the thought
that we have
to go all out,
cause we have
immature minds,
and thats what
we’re about,

We can’t help
the fact that we’re ignorant,
we just don’t know,
maybe our minds
are blurred,
or maybe
we’re just slow,
Cause even
we should know
that this is not
the way to go,
that’s why when
I get grown,
I’m just going
to take it slow


Jason Lamorris, Lanett, Alabama


About the author:

Jason Lamorris rivers is a 25-year-old freelance lyricist/poet/columnist from Lanett, Alabama. He is currently a poetry columnist for a heavy metal magazine called The Savage Side, as well as a writer for The Expressionist Magazine, and American Family magazine. He wrote this particular piece as a part of his youth drinking prevention campaign. 


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