Featured Poem of the Week: “To My Grandmother” by Tyree Jackson

28 Nov

Lilies bloom from
your silver locks of

when you step
outside to rest on
the porch.

Blessing the air with
her warm,
vanilla bean fragrance

she nurtures her
brother’s body with
brisk water.

And kisses the sun
for keeping him

Staring into the sky,
eyes glowing of

She prays to Him
and ask, “Is he happy?”

Closing her sight to
the world—listening.


Tyree Jackson, Bronx, NY

Author’s Note:

 “[This] poem presents three intimate moments: 1) between me and my grandmother 2) between my grandmother and her deceased brother and 3) between my grandmother and God. I love my grandmother so much, and I was s0 happy with my piece that I wanted other poets around the world to hear my voice and love their own grandmothers.”


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