Featured Poem of the Week: “Opium Delusions” by Edet Ime

31 Oct

The bargain over, we tame

 ambitions blazing black at

midnight. shaping false shadows

 Busy, philosophizing in opium

inspired delusions and our minds’

 wombs tired, shed like autumn leaves,

Still born pieces of hopeful dreams.


Edet Ime, Lagos, Nigeria

About the Author:

“I don’t want to be called a poet because the term for me connotes nobility that, I am afraid; I may never and will not attempt to attain.” This piece is from Ime’s book “LETTERS ON A SHOCK BILLBOARD.” He chose the latter title “because it sounded exotic. And because [he] was trying to put [him]self in the image of a black man everywhere and every time that he has experienced something unusual because of his skin.”


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