“Assisting developing poets with vital resources”: Solid Truth Entertainment of Las Vegas

22 Oct

Ida Marie Collins a.k.a. SOLID

Hello YBP Family!

Previously, we talked about how chap books can help you establish and build your presence in the poetry community. There are many different independent publishers who publish these fun-sized poetry booklets. Heck, you might even venture out and do it for yourself. Great. So now, what are other ways to help promote yourself and your work? Today, we hear from the founder of Solid Truth Entertainment, Ida Marie Collins — popularly known as SOLID.


1.)   Please briefly share with the YBP community how you came to be a woman of poetry and how long you’ve been in the business. 

 I would say I have been a silent poet all my life. Writing and reading came natural to me; it was my passion since the age of 3. As a youngster, I easily memorized lengthy speeches and poems as a way to overcome a speech impediment. I never performed poetry in public before 2006. After seeing 2 local Las Vegas poets, Bliss and LaBlaque onstage, I was instantly inspired and immediately went home to begin writing. Being from Philly, music, culture, and poetry was in my blood, but this new style of performance poetry intrigued me and awakened a longing to speak my own painful truth with authority. 

I began writing on a daily basis and even performed on the double decker bus on the strip during the weekends under the name “Ms. Peaches.” Yearning for a place to express my work I began seeking open mics, and 300 performances later, I am no longer known as the soft, squishy fruit that bruises easily. I am strong, but flexible, and now known as “SOLID” – Socially Organizing Literally Inspiring Desire.” Although I produce and host shows for other artists, I still consider myself a newbie; an eternal student. I am truly a ‘groupie’ for poetry.

2.)  As the founder of Solid Truth Entertainment, you state that the goal of your company is to assist developing poets and other artists with vital resources and networking opportunities to ensure a smooth transition into the entertainment business. Will you please inform our readers of how your company achieves this? 

I am a social butterfly and a social media marketing specialist. By combining the information I collected while doing research for my own projects, I found various ways to help others. I began to share that information freely with other aspiring artists. That grew into an intense desire to teach others the correct ways to move forward while bartering or working with a minimal budget.

 SOLID Truth Entertainment coordinates events that allow upcoming artists to gain experience on stage, while promoting their products and services to industry professionals and fundraisers that can assist them to get to the next level. When other business owners or non-profits see that artists are hungry, sincere, and dedicated to SUCCESS, they are more than willing to offer the vital feedback needed to help the artist elevate their game. It comes from mutual respect. Everybody loves to be entertained and inspired.

3.)  Compared to the competitors of Solid Truth Entertainment, what sets your company apart? What services and benefits do you offer that would encourage writers to use your company over others?

SOLID Truth Entertainment feels there is no competition in EXCELLENCE. We pride ourselves on a job well done. STE provides consultations, referrals, mentoring, artist development, and leadership based on the needs of the individual artist or group. We provide coaching and training that enhances self-awareness and inspires creativity. Mental and behavioral stability have often been an issue with entertainers in the past, so we start with the individual artist first. Our seasoned consultants have proven success records and years of experience in the industry. We believe to do your best, you should be willing to learn from the best.

It is imperative that artists begin with the basics. Talent is not the only aspect that guarantees success. One must be dedicated, self-motivated, and balanced to have longevity in this business. STE delivers its products and services with truth, honesty, and respect. The process of self-discovery is just the first phase of knowing what you can accomplish as an artist. It’s not always about money.

4.)  Given that Solid Truth Entertainment is based in Las Vegas, in what regions of the United States does your company serve? 

Technology has allowed us to provide our services to artists worldwide. We use webinars, conference calling, video technology, and social media marketing to share much needed information. The personal touch is always there, because we plan the training and coaching sessions around the schedule of the artist. STE has worked with artists from the bay area and southern California, to Gary, Indiana, NY, New Jersey, Philadelphia, NC, SC, Florida, and Texas. By staying connected to a vast network of experienced artists who are dedicated to the success of others, we are able to offer referrals in every area. It’s really up to the artist to provide STE with the information that can help us help them. 

5.) What would you say is the number one thing to avoid doing while trying to build a career as a poet, and why?

Be original. There is only limited power in mimicking the talents, cadence, or style of others. Remember it is the inner voice that produces the outer glow. In the midnight sky all the stars shine, but each one has its own brilliance and spectrum of light. It is better to stand out than to try to fit in. Everyone has star potential.

6.)   Where can readers learn even more about you, your company, and your work? 

More information on SOLID Truth and SOLID Truth Entertainment can be found respectively at http://www.solidtruthlv.wordpress.com and solidtruthent.webs.com.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with the YBP community. We appreciate you!


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