Featured Poem of the Week: “I Am My Mother My Father My Child” by Claudette Scholfield-Grimes

16 Oct

My mother knew not how to love me

My father chose to be free

Abandoned to find my own way

I chose to parent me

I am my own mother

I gave birth to my identity

I am my own father

The junior to only me

I taught my child to be a man

I taught him how to respect

I, father and mother of his birth

I taught him not to neglect

Like a mother I held my self tightly

When I found myself in pain

Alone I walked the floor nightly

I choose to lay no blame

Like a father of my only child

I would not let myself go

Who could better protect me

Than the father and mother I know

I am my own father

Preparing my son to leave the nest

The rite of passage in fatherly pride

I prepared him to past the test

I am my own mother

My only child I must protect

Questioning the motives of others

Would they too leave him to neglect?

So like a mother I questioned

Can they love my child more?

Can they provide protection?

Pay attention and not ignore

I am my own mother

I am my mother’s only child

I am my own father

I gave myself my father’s style

I have taught my child to distinguish

The good from the bad

I taught this child to discover

What I never had

I taught my child to seek wisdom

The likes I never knew

I have taught this child to listen

The way good parents do

His  mother will never abandoned

His father will never forsake

This child will not have to wonder

What is real and what is fake

I am my own mother

I love my only son

I am my own father

Beholden to only One

I will make my child a good child

I will protect him from all harm

I will hold my child oh so closely

Hold him tightly in my arms

…these arms that are my own.


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