Featured Poem of the Week: “Undead” by DeTyme POET

10 Oct

David DeTyme Tolliver

Every day I hide my skeletons

walk with the zombies

and sleep with a ghost…

To wake to a nightmare that haunts me

it seems, whether wearing masks or scary dreams

every day’s become Halloween and now the other holidays taunt me

Valentines and Christmas eves

giving thanks and sharing memories with family trees

the roots, the branches and the leaves

now all Halloween, the willows weep

the autumn falls of dusty leaves crumbled one by one

the willows weep and like the trees the seasons change

and all the withering memories flee like wilting leaves

or roses

Left for dead… amongst the dead

on tombstones

where the zombies rise again

uncovering the skeletons you’ve hidden within

coffins, closets or even skin…

Yes, flesh is home to heart and bone

but when disguised your smile can hide

your deepest secrets and wounded pride

but what happens when theres nothing left inside?

Maybe Im just a phantom

I fathom I get whatever I imagine I desire…

then I just bring it to my grave

burn ember like jackolantern smiles

twisted face with a twist of fate

faintly burning away from the inside

what expression shall I carve…

I could be anything or anyone you want me to be

And that’s the scariest part…

we all wear masks

costumes too, sometimes unaware of what costumes do

give you false facades and embellish truths

until those costumes you wear essentially consume you

Welcome to my nightmare

the children look the happiest

but these are not the innocent

this is dead walking amongst the dead

zombies who tuck their skeletons away

vampires who stay fed, they suck

monsters stay green, and fresh blood stays red

and like I said… the children Look the happiest

but they don’t remain unscathed

sometimes they carry their own scythes that slice their innocence away

walking boldly towards any opportune door

that could seem to make life a little sweeter

young men vanish like magic tricks

he doesn’t know any other way to treat her

all he sees is full moon, he’d rather leave her then to beat her

emotionally or physically, yet it will not defeat her

for she sees herself in costume too

a simple sheet…

all white, or bloody stained

its alright for shes died inside enough to know

theres no more pain, if she goes ghost

…what other option would death provoke?

Trick or treat? They haunt these streets

monsters equally masked the same

whispering ravenous echoes of lost love

never mentioning the others name

“and now…

you can live with your skeletons

sleep with the ghosts in your bed

and rise in the morning to an endless Halloween

Walking through life… Undead”


David DeTyme Tolliver a.k.a DeTyme POET, Tampa, FL

About the Author:

David is from Cleveland but currently lives in Tampa, FL. He hosts a monthly slam and showcase in the bay, and it is 3 years running. Additionally, he also hosts a weekly New Ink open mic promoting new writers and poems from your local favorites. Click here to contact DeTyme POET and find out more information about his events and performance schedule. 


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