Featured Poem of the Week: “What They Dying Fo'” by Fidel M. Love

26 Sep
What they dying fo’?
Over words and foolish pride
Don’t know the value of life
And on the verge of suicide
Trying to live a life that’s more than glorified
But demoralized
To see less truth and more of the lies
What they dying fo’?
It used to be over thick gold chains
Then we finally realized, man that shit so lame
Then chains became sneakers
Had to walk around with knife in hand
Just to protect that Nike brand
Hundred fifty dollar Mike’s he had
What they dying fo’?
A price tag
Life’s sad
Cause’ I remember when it used to be for something
When they were dying, fighting to have the respect of a Man
Back when it was “turn the other cheek”
When a white boy wanted your seat and expected you to stand
Back when it was pride in the Black Man’s eyes
But now it’s clouded with hurt
And despair, when you can kill a nigga and nobody cares
I swear, the slave master must be real proud of his work
Cause it used to be racist white men in hoods
But now the kids do the killing
And their victims look just like them – in the hood
What they dying fo’?
Cause’ the youth’s in distress and we neglect it
Replaced “I have a dream” and “by any means”
With “money ova everything” and “whateva for the cream”
So they didn’t get the message
And they dying cause’ they so far gone, we can’t reach them
In a world where we’ll pay a rapper a million dollars to mislead them
But let the ones go on strike who’re supposed to teach them
Fidel M. Love, Chicago, IL
“I wrote this for my city…dedicated to the Chicago youth”
About the Author:
“I’m a poet/writer from the southside of Chicago. Writing has always been my passion and a dream of mine, and I published Cry Through The Pen, my first book of poetry, in May of 2012. I wrote this poem days after the murder of a young Chicago teen when I saw the aftermath of his murder and the vicious psyche of those who were proud and actually celebrating the fact that he was gunned down. Murder has become all too common on the streets of Chicago, and over glorified in the rap music being promoted to our youth, so I wrote this poem to share my thoughts.”

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