“September 11. 2” by Albert Carrasco a.k.a. Infinite the Poet

12 Sep

I’m just an image in a sonogram, when it rammed, when you ran to no prevail, in fact mama was at a visit at the exact same time it fell, Tv showed a dust cloud devouring the crowd, it used to just scrape the sky

Daddy I wish you would of seen me all wobbly, when I first started walking, or did you see? Can you see me? If u could I hope u weren’t upset at me when I tripped, because I have a booboo I bruised my knee, didn’t know to put my hands out so I also cut my lip, it will heal, I’m only 3

Dad mom told me your in heaven, she says its paradise, so you will live there forever, it must look nice, angels and rainbows, stars that shine so very bright, I close my eyes and imagine what you would of looked like? besides all the pictures, I use my imagination, and animation to bring you to life, next month is my birthday dad, ill be 7

(sobs) dad I want you to hold me so bad, i i i want hold you even more than ever, moms says not to be sad, I used to be sad when I was younger, because I didn’t comprehend, now that I’m ten I read all about those men, those men that hijacked those planes, those men who left my father to just a name, those men that brought down his work place in flames, those men that caused my widow mother so much pain!!!, my life hadn’t even began, when it would never be the same!! I love you daddy

Infinite the Poet 2012


Ayvaunn Penn is an award-winning writer pursuing her graduate degrees in dramatic writing and acting. She is also a freelance editorpoet, and spoken word artist. To publicize your poetry events on YBP for free, click here. To like Your Black Poets on Facebook, click here. To become Ayvaunn’s Facebook friend, click here.


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