Ayvaunn Penn Presents: “I’m In This World But Not Of It” by Jacqueline N’Jai

20 Jul

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We turnin’ this world inside out, ya’ll.

Additional song by Cee Cee Michaela entitled “So Much Luv”


5 Responses to “Ayvaunn Penn Presents: “I’m In This World But Not Of It” by Jacqueline N’Jai”

  1. David W. Johnson, Jr. July 20, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    If We Save Our Children We Save America
    Wadesboro, North Carolina & Baltimore, Maryland

    (410) 790-0264
    2011 & Forever

    To: My African American Family & Americans Citizens Who Are Concerned about All Americans and Not Just A Particular Race

    Re: Stop Procrastinating & Step-Up & Let’s Start Uniting For A Positive Change For Everyone, Regardless of Race, Creed or Color

    Dear Citizens,

    I do not know what it going to take for us to wake-up to the reality that the groundwork for a new America is being laid out. It was already in the works but those who were planning it, were not prepared for President Obama, so they have stepped things up.

    You have been reading my messages for sometime now but I do not just set at my computer, I go out and try to bring about positive change, as well. Yes some of my family and people I thought were my friends, have turned their backs on me but as long as I have God and God’s true believers and not phonies on my side, I will be just fine.

    When young people and adults are doing something negative, they are all over the NEWS. When it comes to something positive, they get two-minutes or less and it is over. Do not misunderstand; I am not blaming the media. If adults helped one another and our young people do positive things with their lives, television, radio stations and the inter-net would have no choice but to broadcast the good and bad.

    In conclusion, I am begging my fellow African Americans and all caring Americans to stop running from and/or ignoring the problems. We must step-up to the plate, start hitting home runs and scoring touchdowns for America’s future. OUR CHILDREN need mentors and a good education, not deaths and prisons, if they are to survive. I am asking you to help me and others like myself to “SAVE OUR CHILDREN” and give America a much-needed future.


    David W. Johnson, Jr., Founder & President
    If We Save Our Children We Save America

  2. David W. Johnson, Jr. July 20, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    By David W. Johnson, Jr.

    When will adults wakeup to the dumbness we are doing?
    Adults we are just destroying ourselves and our children
    Thanks to our neglect, death is what children are pursing
    Why, because they have few adults on whom to depend

    Adults stop blaming the children and look in the mirror
    Gone are the days when communities looked out for all
    Now communities drink, drug, rob, kill and live in terror
    Instead of helping our children, adults watch them brawl

    Schools rec. centers and libraries, closing on a daily bases
    You know what’s opening, jails, prisons and liquor stores is
    Giving children a few positive but lots of negative places
    African American lives these days are more like show biz

    A poor little baby’s body placed in a bag and left in a park
    Mother charged with murder of child’s body found inside the bag
    We abuse our children but run outside soon as our pet dog bark
    Tell me, why wouldn’t something like this throw up a red flag

    Instead of trying to help some can read this an actually laugh
    A worthless father beat, raped and impregnated his daughters
    People like that should be jailed and ignored like a rotten shaft
    Like pigs and cattle, perverts should be subject the slaughters

    Adults, you want positive changes in yours and children’s lives?
    Mother and son raped, killed and scaled disabled woman
    Parents, children need role-models not drugs, guns and knives
    So hard for a woman or child to find an honest and sincere man

    Males, stop thinking getting a female pregnant makes you a Man
    You are like knickknacks setting on your grandmother’s shelves
    Stop falling for our enemies games and get yourself a Real Plan
    Right now we are “Playing Destructive Games With Ourselves”

  3. David W. Johnson, Jr. July 20, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    by: David W. Johnson, Jr.

    Murderers attending colleges with our children
    Murderers walking in our schools off the streets
    Just what is it going to take for us to start caring?
    Children’s lives are at stake, forget being discreet

    Parents get up and walk your children to school
    Mothers instead of birth control, parental control
    Thanks to not caring, neighborhoods are cesspools
    Neighborhoods and our children, we best get a hold

    Stop waiting for the police to bring law and order
    Live the way we should, police would be elsewhere
    Adults are the reason children’s lives are in disorder
    What we are doing to our children is beyond unfair

    Get children from in front of the televisions, please
    To know their future they must first know their past
    Watching 53 MTV is not the road to college degrees
    52 VH1 is taking them down the wrong road fast

    Adults lift you heads and open your eyes to reality
    Reality is, our children are gasping for breaths of life
    To get it, adults we must develop a better mentality
    Come together; take our children from the lowlifes

    Show children Black Museums and the Smithsonian
    Our children do not know or care about their history
    Baltimoreans why should you dislike Washingtonians
    Until we stop hating and killing we will never be free

    It is our own self-hatred that creates the Don Imus’s
    When you are weak, others will surely take advantage
    Families, we need to rekindle love, strength and trust
    For our children let us start to, “Rebuild The Village”

  4. JBN July 23, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    The first step towards changing the world is changing what’s inside ourselves. Surely when we do that, if just one other person is positively influenced by that change, then we have been successful in changing this messed up world.

    Peace, love and rightness
    Jackie N’Jai

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